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Hollywood Casino Michigan Online

Thursday, 22 of April, 2021 by Site Admin

If you love playing poker at an online casino but can't afford to travel to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, then the best option is Hollywood Casino Michigan. This state's largest online gaming site allows players to play a variety of games including craps, blackjack, baccarat, poker, slot machines and more. The site also offers live casino games and video Poker tournaments. While it does offer some of the best casino games and bonuses around, there are some cons as well.

hollywood casino michigan online

Unlike many of its online casino counterparts, Hollywood Casino offers no deposit bonuses. In fact, there are no live poker tournaments on the site; instead, players must use their credit card to make a one time payment or deposit into their account. But they make up for that by offering a series of high quality bonus offers. On top of the free $10 bonus, the Hollywood Casino welcome bonuses offer as much as $500 with just a 1x deposit.

While not all online casinos require a download or even a login, Hollywood Casino requires both to play most of its games. That said, those who do need the download have a way to play many of its table games without having to wait for a long time for the download to be completed. Once the download has been completed, players can choose from a number of games to play, and can switch between them anytime. This is not the case with most live dealer tables on other online casinos. In fact, most dealers will be offline during the actual tournament.

hollywood casino michigan online

hollywood casino michigan online

Another con of Hollywood Casino is its one playthrough requirement. While some online casinos may require two downloads and two sign ups, this one requires one login and one deposit. While it is true that the onex playthrough requirement makes it difficult to play more than one game, Hollywood Casino does not state how many games can be played at any given time. So players who are interested in playing more than one game may find themselves out of luck if they do not meet the one playthrough requirement.

The bonus cash bonus offered by Hollywood Casino is another con that should be considered when playing. The money offered in the bonus cash portion can easily reach over a hundred thousand dollars. Once the bonus money has been deposited into a player's account, it usually cannot be withdrawn unless the person's account is closed. This means that someone must have a winning streak to get their deposit bonus money back. Unless the person is willing to continue playing on the site, they will have to accept the one-time deposit bonus that they get from the casino.

hollywood casino michigan online

While most online casinos will state the age requirement for players, Hollywood Casino goes above and beyond this requirement. Anyone over the age of eighteen and who has lived in the United States for at least three years is usually allowed to register and play on this site. Also, anyone who has taken a driving course in the last two years is usually allowed to register and play. There are a few other age requirements that must be met, but these rules do not seem to apply to everyone. Those interested in playing the game for real money should therefore look elsewhere.

Finally, there are a few problems with Hollywood Casino's customer service. The representatives are usually very nice people, but the lines are often long and customers do not always get a chance to ask questions before or after making a deposit. In addition, all bonus offers are only available for players who have valid profiles. If a player wants to take advantage of one of the offers but does not have a valid profile, they will be unable to take advantage of it.

Overall, Hollywood Casino is a fine site to check out if you enjoy playing online casinos. The bonus offers and games are fun, but the customer service can be a bit lacking. However, if you are willing to spend some time here, you may find it to be a very entertaining experience. Despite its flaws, we recommend this location as a place to check out if you have never gambled online before. Just make sure you read up on online casinos in general before making your final decision on where to go.


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